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Ed Gerety Visits Westford Schools

March 8th, 2012

Ed Gerety Visits Westford Schools

My daughter came home from school excited to share a little about a speaker that was at her school today. Unfortunately we missed the parent version the day before but here’s a short snippet about Ed Gerety. Apparently she was not the only one impressed with him, his facebook page has many comments from the kids at Stonybrook and Blanchard.

screenshot of ed gerety's facebook fan page

From his bio: Ed is an experienced keynote speaker and leadership trainer at national youth leadership conferences, colleges and universities, and schools across the country, Ed is recognized for his unique ability to connect with audiences about real issues. Through his personal experiences, humor, and insights Ed teaches the principles and skills that are essential to the development of leaders. His powerful programs leave a lasting impact.

Project Interface: Mental Health Help in Westford for kids, adults and families

June 15th, 2011

Project INTERFACE is now available to Westford residents. Project INTERFACE collects and categorizes a wide range of valuable resources related to mental health and wellness for the benefit of the general public – children, adults and families – as well as educators and mental health professionals. In addition to the resources on this web site, Project INTERFACE maintains a mental health and wellness referral help line Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm, at 617-332-3666 x 411 or toll free at 1-888-244-6843 x411.

This is a free, confidential referral service for participating communities. Callers are matched from our extensive database of licensed mental health providers. Each referral meets the location, insurance, and specialty needs of the caller. If you or anyone you know in Westford is worried about their child, please let them know about this very valuable tool. The website is: www.projectinterface.org. And again, the phone number is listed above.

Navigating through the mental health care system can be so challenging. Finding therapists and psychiatrists who can help with issues that children may be facing is not easy. It can be so discouraging when you are facing difficulties to not be able to get the help you so desperately need. By being a participating community, our residents (as well as any parent of students who attend Westford Public Schools) can call the help line and speak to a health care provider. Parents (or school personnel acting on a parent’s behalf) can let them know the insurance, and let them do the ‘homework’ to find someone who is available to see the child.  Besides the helpline, the website itself is filled with a great deal of information for parents and educators.



The website is: www.projectinterface.org

Help line Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm

Tel: 617-332-3666 x 411 or toll free at 1-888-244-6843 x411.

Westford News June 2011 – Theater, Soccer, Scouts, Music and Bus Passes

June 15th, 2011
BUS PASS REGISTRATION FOR FY12 begins on Monday, June 13, 2011 and ends on August 26, 2011.  Please note the new dates and times for bus pass pickup on the transportation page at http://www.westfordk12.us/pages/transportation for complete information and registration.

CUB SCOUTS – Pack 96 – Summer is a great time to meet new friends and have some fun outdoors.If you will be entering grades 1-5 in September and are interested in participating in Cub Scouts, we have 2 upcoming activities where you can join us to learn more. On Sunday June 26,we’ll spend the  afternoon in Boston for a tour of Fenway Park. Then the morning of Saturday, July 16 we’ll host a fishing outing in Westford. Please contact either Scot or Cathy Stewart (stewpots@comcast.net) or Scott Allison (soxfan625@yahoo.com) for more information, or to register for either event.

WESTFORD YOUTH SOCCER – Soccer Evaluations for fall 2011 & spring 2012 Soccer Year for Players in the U9/U10 In-Town, U10 Travel, U12 and U14Programs will be held the week of June 13, 2011. Visit www.westfordyouthsoccer.com for details and the schedule for each age group. Registration is open for fall 2011 Soccer
Registration Deadlines:
Travel (U10, U12, U14) – June 30, 2011
In-Town (U6, U7, U8, U9/U10) – August 15, 2011
High School Age – August 15, 2011

THE SUMMER SCHOOL FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS will take place June 27 & August 7, 2011 at Westford Academy under the artistic direction of Michael Towers. The SSPA mission is to teach and exercise positive effective expression of self through the living arts: musical theater and dramatic acting. SSPA offers areas of study in Musical Theater, Dramatic Acting, and Technical Theater. Performances for the 2011 season include Bye Bye Birdie on July 16 & 17, 2011 and Fame on August 5 & 6, 2011. Download SSPA 2011 flyer.
SSPA jr. – for students entering grades 1 & 2! SSPA jr. students will use the interactive, fun and exciting playmaking process to explore the world around them. During each session, students will harness their unique voices and learn to express themselves through performance. Each SSPA jr. session will culminate in a performance for friends and family that will be a showcase of the student’s creative learning experience. Visit http://wa.westfordk12.us/pages/sspa/index.html for more information.

FRIENDS ADVANCING MUSIC EDUCATION – school Musical News may be found in the F.A.M.E. Spring 2011 at http://wa.westfordk12.us/pages/westfordWA_music/index, or go to the FAME website at http://www.westford.com/fame/newsletters.html for the F.A.M.E website
and click on Newsletters.